Quality Control

JASTOO strives to provide the highest quality product possible at a cost that is both competitive and affordable. To this end, all JASTOO forged wheels are built in the factory IATF 16949 certified and approved by DOT(US) certificate. Each model wheel is well tested with its standard dimensions.

JASTOO also ensures the quality of its products by inspecting parts post-production. In the laboratory testing is available to verify the mechanical properties of various samples. All of this is done to ensure you get the highest quality, safest wheel available for your towable RV or custom trailer application.

JASTOO believes in fully testing its products – both in the development process and during production. For that purpose JASTOO has assembled a complete state of the art laboratory test facility. The lab includes equipment to test:

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●Radial Fatigue
●Cornering Fatigue
●Impact Testing
●Neutral Salt Spray Tester
●Water Spray Tester
●CASS Tester
●Material Tensile Tester
●Brinell Hardness Tester

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JASTOO factory is approved by DOT(US) and IATF 16949:2016, which is for well management of factory, especially for quality control.

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